HiTemp140X2 Dual Probe Data Logger

The HiTemp140X2 series is a dual probe, high temperature data logger. Featuring a combination of two remote temperature probes, or one ambient and one remote temperature probe combination, the HiTemp140X2 offers extreme flexibility for high temperature monitoring applications.


All HiTemp140X2 data loggers are submersible and capable of measuring temperatures up to +350 °C (662 °F) (probe dependent).
The HiTemp140X2 records and stores 16,128 time stamped readings and can be programmed for immediate start
or delayed start up to 18 months in advance.

HiTemp140X2-TD models feature a 2 in. rigid, fast response, transitional diameter probe (TD)
to measure ambient temperature, combined with a second bendable probe (PT) or a flexible RTD probe (FP) option.

HiTemp140X2-FP models feature a lightweight, flexible RTD probe (FP) with stainless steel tip available in four lengths, combined with a 24 in. bendable probe (PT) with either a 1 or 5 in. probe sheath at the tip, or with two flexible RTD probes (FP) with stainless steel tip.

• Submersible
• Customizable to Support Any Application
• Capable of Measuring Temperatures up to 350 °C
• Compatible with the latest MadgeTech 4 Software
• Starting, stopping, and downloading simple and easy
• Graphical, tabular, and summary data is provided for
• Can be viewed as customizable engineering units.

HiTemp140X2 Specification Sheet
HiTemp140X2 Product User Guide
HiTemp140X2 Flexible Probe Dimensional Drawing
HiTemp140X2 Rigid Transitional Diameter and Flexible Probe Dimensional Drawing
HiTemp140X2 Rigid Transitional Diameter and PT Probe Dimensional Drawing
HiTemp140X2 Flexible Probe and PT Probe Dimensional Drawing
HiTemp140 response-time