Accessibility Statement

According to an amendment to the regulations dealing with internet accessibility, this website must be included in the accessibility regulation. The person in charge of accessibility on the website is Omer Sharon. You can contact him with any questions or problems regarding accessibility by email via

I invest a lot of time and effort in making the site accessible from the beginning of its construction. The site is fully accessible in accordance with Regulation 35, T.I. 5568 for the accessibility of websites and Wcag 2.0. I chose the AA standard. On this page I will detail the tools and usage I used for accessibility. information and you have discovered an accessibility problem, please report it to the above email.

Last update date of the accessibility statement: 22.8.2022.

The site was accessed as follows:

1. Adapting the website to all types of modern browsers.
2. Adapting the site to all types of platforms – mobile, tablets and desktops.
3. Adapting the website for keyboard use only.
4. Adjusting the part of the site with visual impairment or complete.

In order to make the site and its contents accessible, the following changes were made:

1. Changes and tests on the site so that it fits all browsers and all platforms (responsiveness).

2. Adding access keys independently.

3. Checking color contrast, adding an explanatory text to each image on the site including in the manuals, adding a label in various forms.

4. Adding descriptions to images that are not display images.

5. The digital content sold on the site is served in an accessible PDF format.

6. Adding an accessibility plugin for customization for each surfer according to the guidelines, changing the type and size of the font, lighting, highlighting links and more.