Wilcoxon’s 4-20 mA configurable vibration transmitter module, the iT300, provides an easy means to connect a standard IEPE vibration sensor to a PLC, DCS, or SCADA system. The transmitter’s input provides power to and measures the signal from either an accelerometer, piezo velocity sensor, or dual (vibration and temperature) output sensor.

The input circuitry has a wide frequency response, capable of measuring signals between 0.2 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

iT300 provides the user with field-configurable parameters and dual mappable 4-20 mA outputs. Easy web server interface – Change amplitude scale and frequency ranges remotely, Live updates for near real-time visibility, Eliminate pre-order part selection, saving you time, No standalone software needed. Two processing bands Optimize vibration frequency ranges, More control over fault monitoring, Provide flexibility. Dual mappable 4-20 mA outputs – Offer a variety of output options, Access more information from single sensor input.

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