FCO750 Production Line Leak Tester

The FCO750 is a high specification leak detector from Furness Controls and builds on the highly successful FCO290. Suitable for bench-top mounting or integration into automated assembly fixtures, the FCO750 offers an affordable, “No Compromise” approach to leak detection.

The FCO750 is an advanced multi-function pressure decay leak detector that is suited to applications
requiring multiple test configurations or flexible control of associated tooling.
The FCO750 can be easily interfaced to PLCs or PCs where integration is required, or in many cases
the built-in programmable I/O functions can remove the need for a PLC.
The communications facility may be used for configuration, control and data logging.

 High resolution display
High resolution display
Trace history or instrument status
Display types can be changed
Menus accessed without the need to stop the instrument's test cycle
Offering true multi-tasking performance.

• User programmable electrical and pneumatic inputs and outputs
Programmable I/O can negate the requirement for PLC controls
Reducing test station costs and complexity
With various logic functions and timers
Cost effective test station requirements

• Multiple communication options
Equipped with an Ethernet adapter
Uploading and downloading results
Monitoring instrument performance
FBus software
Front panel mounted USB connector
RS232 and RS485 communications

• Onboard data logger
As standard, the FCO750 has the capacity to store over 10,000 historic test results and offers a flexible and convenient way to carry out data collection for SPC type analysis. Data can be collected via the instruments RS232, RS485, USB or LAN port in either real time or at scheduled intervals. For applications where more storage capacity is required, an enhanced data logger option is available.

• Direct barcode interface
Barcode product selection has until now, required PC's, PLC's or additional hardware to utilise this effective feature. As a result, its use has been restricted to predominantly large scale automated assembly fixtures. Following requests by our customers and World Wide Agents, Furness Controls have included the facility to read both 1D and 2D barcodes directly into the FCO750. Using the Barcode feature, specific product test parameters can be quickly and easily selected simply by scanning the code directly from a product or via a pick list. Product selection is straightforward and simple with the chance of operator error being significantly reduced. This impressive feature has been improved still further with the inclusion of serial number scanning. Leak test results can now be stored against a products unique serial number within the FCO750, both improving and simplifying  product traceability.

FCO750 Production Line Leak Tester Data Sheet