FCO750F Pressure Relief Valve Tester

The FCO750 with custom firmware for pressure relief valve testing provides a comprehensive system for testing across a wide range of pressures, the full functionality of a valve. This can include leak testing at nominal pressure-“n%”, opening point by means of the Ramp test, and re-seat point. Tolerances either side of the nominal pressure are derived from programmable limits set according to the application and these are applied to all three of the test phases.

The Barcode input system allows the instrument to select appropriate programs direct from works orders or specific build sheets with the nominal working pressure extracted from the Barcode ID.

• A programmable tolerance to ensure closed valve
• Nominal pressure can be either a single shot test or continuous test
• Adjustble tension
• Re-seat is again uses programmable limits
• Flexible platform
• Multiple tests
• Optimize tests according to individual valve designs and constructions

FCO750 Leaflet