Trip Amplifiers

Trip amplifiers are a common part of safety systems in e.g. the maritime industry in which supervision of e.g. oil-fired steam boilers.


Thus, the trip amplifiers observe the process, control the pumps and burner due to water level and steam pressure and sound the alarm at e.g. an inappropriate high or low water level. Naturally, boiler control is a safety question, and thus, the trip amplifiers must be very reliable and precise.

• Alarm detector in connection with measurement of AC/DC current or voltage signals.
• The unit is used where accurate setpoint setting and different alarm functions are required.
• The unit can be used as a single or dual trip amplifier.
• Used in applications where programmable parameters such as hysteresis, setpoint, reset, active relay for increasing or decreasing signal, delay and input signal need to be set.

• AC/DC trip amplifier
• 2 adjustable alarm limits
• Galvanically isolated 3.75 kVAC
• Front-programmable
• 3-digit LED display
• 24 VDC or universal supply
• The front-operated push buttons are used for programming the different standard functions.
•A password can prevent access for changing parameters.

Trip Amplifier User Manual
Trip Amplifier Data sheet