RTDTempX Temperature Data Loggers

The RTDTempX Series includes the RTDTempX4, RTDTempX8, RTDTempX12 and RTDTempX16 RTD-based temperature data loggers. This series accepts 2, 3 and 4-wire RTDs to measure and record temperatures from -200 ºC to +850 ºC (-328 ºF to +1562 ºF) with a calibration accuracy of ±0.04 °C (±0.072 °F), all probe dependent.


The RTDTempX Series packs a memory capacity of 2,794,236 readings. To maximize memory capacity, users can enable or disable channels. There’s no interface necessary, the RTDTempX Series uses standard USB-A to Micro USB cable.

• Accepts 2, 3 and 4-Wire RTDs
• Memory Capacity of 2,700,000+ Readings
• Measures Temperatures from -200 °C to +850 °C
• Compatible with the latest MadgeTech 4 Software
• Starting, stopping, and downloading simple and easy
• Graphical, tabular, and summary data is provided for
• Can be viewed as customizable engineering units.

RTDTempX Series Product User Guide
RTDTempX Series Spesification Sheet