Precision Industrial PRTs

To reach the best performance in stability and repeatability, the wire-wound sensing element is specially designed to protect the platinum sensing wire from contamination at high temperatures. A unique support structure and filling material provide the best balance among the hysteresis effect, mechanical shock, and thermal shock performance. All of these probes conform to the standard 385 curves so the resistance ratio of the PRTs follows the DIN/IEC-751 curve precisely.


The AM1660/1640/1620 series precision Industrial PRTs (IPRTs) are rugged probes with excellent accuracy and stability. They cover a wide range of temperatures from -200°C to 670°C, with amazing accuracy of <0.035°C at 0°C, short term stability of <0.01°C, and a fast response time of 5 seconds.

  • Durable and shock-resistant

  • Accuracy: <0.035°C

  • AM1660 Temperature Range: -200°C to 670°C

  • AM1640 Temperature Range: -200°C to 420°C

  • AM1620 Temperature Range: -60°C to 300°C

  • AM1660 and AM1640 feature an Inconel™ sheath to withstand harsh environments

Precision Industrial PRTs