Moisture Meter for Liquid Materials SW100.20

The moisture meter FIZEPR-SW100.20, -SW100.21, -SW100.12  is designed  to measure moisture in liquid materials, such as oil, fuel oil, petroleum, alcohol, coal-water slurry fuel (CWSF or CWS or CWF –  is a fuel which consists of fine coal particles suspended in water), sludge, etc.


The device consists of an electronic unit and a sensor.

The moisture meter is available in several versions with different nominal bore:
DN 50, DN 80 and DN 125 mm, and different allowable pressure: PN 1.6 (16 atm);
РN 2.5 (25 atm); РN 4.0 (40 atm); РN 6.3 (63 atm) and РN 10.0 (100 atm).

Length, diameter, nominal pressure, flange types, operational temperature and other moisture analyzer parameters can be adjusted
according to customer requirements.

The moisture control device can be equipped with an electronic unit either in general purpose industrial version or version with 1ExdIIBT5, IP66 certified explosion-proof enclosure.

• Pipe section with the sensor is not affected by fouling,
the moisture meter is resistant to abrasive materials
• Moisture meter is resistant to mechanical stress and impacts
• High corrosion resistance due to the use of stainless steel