Level1000 Data Logger

The Level1000 is a water level and temperature data logger submersible up to 30 feet, 30 PSIA. Its compact design allows it to fit almost anywhere, making underwater studies effortless.


Level1000 Data Logger can withstand temperatures from -40 °C to 80 °C (-40 °F to +176 °F) and record up to 32,766 readings. The storage medium is non-volatile memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged.

• Compact Size
• Submersible up to 30 Feet
• Measures Temperatures from -40 °C to 80 °C
• Compatible with the latest MadgeTech 4 Software
• Starting, stopping, and downloading simple and easy
• Graphical, tabular, and summary data is provided for
• Can be viewed as customizable engineering units.

Level1000 Specification Sheet
Level1000 Product User Guide