IRTD 400 Intelligent RTD Secondary Standard

IRTD Temperature Standards, The intelligent resistant temperature device (IRTD) is a secondary standard with a completely self-contained measurement system, including electronics for calibration and temperature conversion.


Amphenol Kaye's IRTD provides ultra-high accuracy temperature data to your computer with no additional measurement or readout equipment required.
The IRTD removes common sources of error because its integrated electronics and sensor are calibrated as a single instrument.
Analog to digital conversion is automatic - no manual interpolations or calculations are necessary.
The self-contained IRTD allows you to cut system error in half while eliminating the cost and effort of calibrating supporting equipment.
For thermal validation applications, the IRTD communicates bath temperature directly with the Amphenol Kaye systems.
The IRTD is an integral part of Amphenol Kaye's automated sensor calibration system. In addition, the IRTD is invaluable for confirming the accuracy of other temperature standards.
For this purpose, Amphenol Kaye has developed IRTDWin™ software. This software automatically records data and computes any delta between two probes so you can easily confirm the accuracy of your traveling standard. Simply plug in your stationary and traveling IRTDs to your PC. The IRTDWin™ software displays and records the probes serial numbers and live temperature values.

• One convenient interface screen lets you track probe stability
• numerically and graphically
• confirm system accuracy

Kaye IRTD 400 Data sheet
‏‏KAYE Calibration Brochure