FCO210 Adjustable Calibrated Leak

The FCO210 is ideally suited to the calibration of production line leak detectors, fault finding, and system checking. Easy to use, adjustable, accurate, and portable, the FCO210 sets the standard.

Variable flow rates Using a high precision needle valve, Can be used for a multitude of flow rates.
The excellent viewing angle allows the calibrator to be mounted anywhere and still be visible by the operator.
Shut-off valve Rather than using a needle valve to shut the flow off, the FCO210 uses a high specification shut-off valve.
The needle valve can remain in place and the flow rate the same for the next time the calibrator is used ensuring a quick
and effortless calibration routine.

• Simply use needle valve
• Setting the desired flow rate
• Easy to use Plug it
• Switch it on, and turn the shut-off valve
• Immediat and accurate display of the flow rate without any fuss
• Clear display
• Large 3.5 digit LCD display
• High-resolution display of the flow rate.

FCO210 Leaflet