Deadweight tester BA4-200B

Range of Deadweight tester is designed to test, adjust and calibrate
measuring instruments, mechanical or electronic pressure by
comparison (pressure gauges, pressure transmitters or sensors or
The deadweight tester is constituted by a pressure generator, a
piston/cylinder unit, a set of weighing identified and of a computer on
which is posted: the position of the piston and the value of pressure
generated by the dead weight according to the various physical
The capstan allows adjusting the pressure by compressing the gas
through the piston. This pressure is balanced by the set piston/cylinder
what allows us to compare the instrument to be calibrated in the values of
pressures generated by the standard and indicated on the calculator.
These deadweight are intended for the calibration in relative pressure.
This reference instrument is used in a factory or calibration
laboratory. They are robust and easy to use and have high longterm stability.


Fiche Anglais BA4-200B