FCO794 Continuous Leak Tester

A unique leak testing solution that measures the flow from an isolated pressure volume into the part. This enables continuous feedback for part adjustment during the test, as well as the reduction of atmospheric noise.


This instrument performs well on large items where test stabilisation becomes a significant barrier to standard pressure decay tests.
The FCO794 provides an ideal solution for EV battery enclosure testing, as well as flow and leak testing on domestic gas appliances.

Enclosures for EV batteries are often complicated multi-port assemblies with many potential points of failure,
and usually contain large open volumes to complicate leak testing.
Using the FCO794 the enclosure can be continuously tested while adjustments to seals are made.
Furthermore, with a large isolated volume used as the pressure source, small leaks in the enclosure are easily detected
because drops in pressure translates to larger movements in air between the volume and the enclosures, amplifying sensitivity.

For many years the FCO794 has been used to test gas appliance sub-assemblies to all relevant European Standards.
Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the gas appliance industry, the FCO794 combines accuracy,
reliability and ease of use. Ideally suited for use in the gas industry, the FCO794 is also highly suitable
for testing many other product types such as filters, heat exchangers and large vessels.
So, if you are looking for a versatile leak tester that allows product fault rectification while live-testing,
you've found the market leader, the FCO794.

• Can store 300 product programs, each consisting of 16 individual test steps
• Vibrant LCD screen
• Statistical information such as pass rate per batch
• Information is available remotely
• Easlily integrating the leak tester with your auditing regime
• Highly flexbile in terms of configuration and connectivity
• Control through a PLC can be achieved using most industrial protocols
• Control from a PC is possible over usb and ethernet
• Flexibile Digital I/O
• Configurable pneumatic outputs enable the FCL794 to run an entire test setup independently
• External jigs, sensors and alarms controlled directly from the instrument
• Pressure and temperature compensation
• Giving automatic correction
• Leak reading display is the equivalent leak that would occur at the pressure and temperature entered in the test data

FCO794 Continuous Leak Tester Data Sheet