Alpha Moisture Systems

Portable Hand Held Dew point Meters, Online Dew-point Hygrometers and Dewpoint Transmitters

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PR Electronics

Wide range of analogue and digital signal conditioning modules for industrial automation.

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Edgetech Instruments, Inc.

Edgetech Accurate hygrometers, RH transmitters, Humidity probes, RH calibrators, Dew point generator and oxygen instrumentation

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Ronan Engineering

Real-time monitoring and measurements of critical process control points in severe service environments.
Alarm Displays, SERS, I/O products, leak Detection, Radiometrics

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Flow Technology

Flow Technology is a flow meter manufacturer of flow measurement devices, Turbine flow meters,Positive displacement flow meters, flow sensors, flow meter electronics, and a provider of flow meter calibration systems.

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Rototherm – Canongate

Rototherm Canongate is a is a leading supplier of process measurement technology for level, liquid concentration and density and Carbon Dioxide.

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Furness Controls

Differential pressure, airflow, gasflow, leak test instruments for use quality control and process control applications.

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High performance Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Gas Flow

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GE Measurement & Control solutions

Sensing elements, devices, instruments, and systems to monitor, protect, control, and validate critical processes and applications.

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Process Instrumentation for the widest range of applications. Pressure, Temperature, Flow or Level.

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Condec Pressure Instrumentation, designs, manufactures rugged and dependable pressure calibration standards, pressure intensifiers, pressure regulators and mechanical controllers.

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STIKO is a global manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges and calibration equipment.

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MadgeTech designs and manufactures data loggers for various applications.

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Industrial automation and information software products, owned by Invensys Operations Management

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NDT systems instruments and equipment. Delivering NDT Asset Protection Solutions, Acoustic emission sensors and instruments.

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Katronic specialists in ultrasonic flow meter technology and, flowmeter devices including clamp-on flowmeter, clamp-on flowmeters, non-invasive flow meters

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leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors and control peripherals for Commercial HVAC and Energy Management applications.

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Kaye, as part of the Amphenol Advanced Sensors business is a recognized leader in high accuracy thermal process measurement. Primarily focused on the bio-pharmaceutical critical sterilization processes as required by governing regulatory bodies. Kaye has become the standard for validating thermal processes and documenting the results.

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